Like most of us with a vague New Year’s Resolution List, somewhere in between getting in shape and travel, lies the ubiquitous get organized.

It has different meanings to different people. For me it seems as elusive as run a marathon (Who am I kidding? That’s never been on any of my lists, but I use it to make a point).

At fifty-four, I had kind of given up on my Pinterest organization dreams. I long envied those who seem to effortlessly organize their stuff in beautiful bins, jars and boxes.

After yet again complaining to my husband that I can’t find (insert anything here), my trusted spy (my smart phone) must have heard the frustration in my voice because it soon delivered to me the video answer to my dilemma.

No sooner had I scrolled through Youtube when a title caught my eye and I stopped scrolling and hit play.

I have a love hate (mostly hate) for all things AI/tech, but this video shifted my perspective so much so that I thought it was heaven sent.   

The saying “when the student is ready, the teacher appears” applies here and I am so grateful for the content creator for making it.

I listened to the video many times and actually sat down and absorbed it (as opposed to just having it on in the background while I worked).

I finally understood the why (as opposed to the how).

I set out to once and for all declutter and organize every room, every drawer and every closet in my house.

It took about three weeks of 4-8 hours per day, many trips to Goodwill and lots of care packages for friends. I conservatively estimate that I got rid of 40% of my belongings.

What is left, truly inspires me.

At this point, you may be wondering what does that have to do with anti-aging? 

In very simplified terms; less stuff to manage, more space (to dedicate to positive habits), more free time (by not having to stop what you’re doing and search for something), more money (by not having to replace things you can’t find) and a daily sense of peace and calm. 

I’m convinced that disorganization in the home leads to disorganization in the mind. 

The whole process acted like a tonic for my soul.

I am now free to do the things that are really important to me.