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Concentrated with potent ingredients that magnify your skincare results

Our serums are made with up to a 30% concentration of rare and precious essential oils, sourced from around the world, designed to gently and effectively restore your skin’s texture, luster and radiance.

Compare that to the industry standard of just 2% concentration of active ingredients and you can understand why our serums are the MVP’s of the Celtic Complexion collection.

Each of our serums is designed to help you with a specific goal.

Whether you’re looking to calm and reduce redness associated with rosacea, hydrate a parched skin, or reduce the signs of aging, a few drops underneath your favorite moisturizer is all you need to elevate your skin care routine to the next level.


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Customer Reviews

The very first time I used her Calming Serum, I applied the deliciously fragrant oil to my face and waited for the inevitable burning to ensue, but to my absolute amazement and relief- it never did. This serum left my face calm, and absolutely radiant. I also noticed that after a few days of use, my complexion started to clear up. Any blemishes were healed, and my skin was left dewy and radiant. After continued use, I also noticed that my skin wasn’t oily upon waking in the mornings, and that has NEVER happened to my skin- not ever.


Gayle Carbajal

Having fair sensitive skin is quite difficult when you are always worried about redness or something stinging and burning your skin. I can’t imagine my routine without Calming Serum!

Lucy Kinsella

My skin has never been so blemish free since I started using Celtic Complexion. Every time I try to use another product, my skin breaks out, and I’m quick to apply the sensitive skin serum from Jennifer’s collection. It “ALWAYS” works! My skin is perfect as long as I apply once a day, and this is coming from a person who used Accutane and continues to have breakouts.

Kelly Rodgers