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I have been using the rosacea kit for almost 2 weeks and for the first time since I was diagnosed with rosacea at 15 I feel beautiful. I am now 52 and Back when I first start having the flare ups , there was nothing other then piling on foundation and looking more horrible then the rosacea. I was teased so much in school and called names. I never got to go to proms or dates. Who wants to be seen with a red face freak? Then I finally found a wonderful dermatologist and she put me on a topical which change my life for a while.

Recently I come upon Celtic Complexion and took a chance. And what a miracle! My rosacea is pretty much non existence. I no longer use the prescription topical and I still have a flare up but, not from the products.

Exercise, sometimes chocolate or the water from my shower was too hot. I apply the calming serum and the heat from my rosacea is calmed down.

Jennifer, thank you so much for changing my life! You have no clue how amazing you are and how grateful I am to have these products in my life.

Donna Wilcox

I tried the Acne and Rosacea Kit for my mild rosacea. I don’t think I ever realized just how sensitive my skin is. I used the coconut cleanse first, it didn’t sting my face when I put it on and it actually made my skin feel clean. The calming serum is surprisingly not too oily and you don’t have to use very much, it leaves my skin feeling nourished and calm. The tinted moisturizer is best to use after the calming serum, it protects against the sun and gives slight coverage depending on how much you use. The redness on my face hasn’t reduced that much, but it makes my skin feel clean, calm and happy. This kit is wonderful for not only people with acne and rosacea, but sensitive skin too.


I was fortunate enough to try Celtic Jewel in the introductory offer size. I have used quite some time now and am beyond impressed with this cream. A lot of natural product creams are very excellent in the feel good, smell good plateau and are stellar moisturizers… as that is what they are meant to be.

This is not that cream. It absolutely DOES smell good, feel good and moisturizes but does so very much more!

I initially had no idea the difference this cream could make on my mature skin. It is expensive but when I factor in what treatments would amount to to get the same effect… that puts it in another perspective.

Not all of us, certainly, but a lot of us must save up for this cream. ?

My original thoughts were I could not justify spending this amount on a face cream…until I used it. Of course, now I am saving up for it! 

It absolutely makes enough of a difference to justify it. I know now I will not be disappointed. Jennifer, this cream is ‘special’ and elegant. And most importantly, healthy and produces exceptional results in my opinion.

I am loving it!

Jean Flinchum

I’m looking forward to fall and the cooling temperatures coming soon to Northeast Ohio. What I don’t enjoy is how dry winter furnace heat can wreck my skin. My solution? Celtic Complexion Creme! No more itchy, flaky dessert-dry skin for me now that Celtic Complexion Creme is my go-to super-rich moisturizer. It nourishes my skin, leaving it soft, supple and smooth. You use just a bit so the 2 oz jar lasts a surprisingly long time.

Thank you, Jennifer, for making something that works so well for me!

Barbara Comiskey

I love the Celtic Complexion Organic Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin SPF 32! It is perfect for my sensitive skin. I have always had difficulty finding a sunscreen that will stay on and be effective during these hot and humid months. I tend to glisten a lot to put it delicately. I used this sunscreen for the first time this summer and avoided the dreaded burn, pain and peeling. So thrilled with this excellent product! Thanks, Jennifer!

Margie Jones

I have been using Jennifer’s products for several years and I love the way they feel on my skin. I feel good knowing I am nourishing my skin with these products just the way I nourish my body with the right food.

Laura Reilly Angelides

Jennifer’s amazing at what she does! I’ve sent so many of my readers with skin “issues” from The Glamorganic Goddess over to her. They fell in love with her and products because they’ve truly changed their lives! The quality is second to none and the time she spends educating her consumers is priceless! She’s such an inspiration to many of us as an educator, business owner and aesthetician…

Love her! xo ♥

The Glamorganic Goddess

I travel for a living and use Celtic Complexion Organic Skin Care. I feel that the serums save my skin from the harsh effects of multiple climates. As a professional makeup artist, I am especially careful about everything I put on my skin. I believe in these blends and trust their quality.”
Michelle Phillips

Celebrity Makeup Artist

The Celtic Complexion Calming Serum is great on irritated skin. I liked using it on areas that were extremely dry and chapped. This is a great product for very sensitive skin. The sunscreen is great because it has an SPF 22 and I like that it doesn’t go on feeling heavy. I liked using it under my foundation.

The Celtic Complexion Cream was great because it provided my skin with lots of moisturization without making it oily. It almost made it feel like there was a barrier on my skin.”

Frugal Mommie of 2 Blog

Like we’ve stated before, we’ve been given a lot of products to test out for you! Anything from cosmetics to jewelry to cleaners! I can honestly say I am beyond excited to tell you about this next wonderful product we have lined up! The Love Your Skin Travel Kit also includes a sunscreen which is safe to use on babies under 6 months!!! That in itself should sell the product! It is nearly impossible to find a safe sunscreen that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You can also mix this with your foundation to add spf to your makeup! No harsh smells and it disappears when you rub it in! I love this sunscreen!

Three Fabulous Mommies Blog

Usually when I try a different skin care line I never really expect to see any changes or improvements in my skin, but after trying the Celtic Complexion line I was able to see a difference. All of the products are made in small batches by hand and are very concentrated, so concentrated that they could be diluted 4 times with filler and still be more potent than commercial products. I’ve been using this line consistently for 3 weeks and have really noticed an improvement in my skin. My skin is always moisturised and is left without dry patches. The overall look of my skin is brighter and more smooth; my skin was looking dull coming out of winter and this line helped give my skin a pick me up. I highly recommend this for anyone with sensitive or dry skin. The travel kit is a great way to try the line out and is great value. Seeing everything is so concentrated, only a small amount is needed each time. I use the Organic Sunscreen and Celtic Complexion everyday and they are both still practically full, I can see them lasting a couple of months. They have wonderful customer service and really value their customers.
Hayley Pearce

I am sent a lot of skin care to sample for my blog and to use on photo shoots. But my personal choice for skin maintenance is Celtic Complexion Creme. It is the only product that tames my dry skin in winter and leaves it soft enough that I don’t have to worry about it, even if I am traveling and skip a few days of application.
Todra Payne

I love the fact that Jennifer enjoys educating us on the importance of wholesome skin care. (Who knew those expensive department store brands are full of chemicals?) Jennifer is self-made, and enthusiastic to teach and share her knowledge. Jennifer is passionate about helping us to put our best face forward! I use several of her products and especially love her tinted moisturizer that protects my skin, nourishes it and feels marvelous.
Shante Powders

Your Calming Serum healed my acne, just like you promised.. The cover up you gave me with SPF doesn’t make me break out like other products I have used in the past. Your products leave my skin looking radiant and healthy. I will never forget when Jennifer said “If you wouldn’t ingest the products you use then why would you put them on your skin?”
Brittany Nicole Kuhl

It was through my freelance graphic design work that I was introduced to Jennifer Devlin many years ago. After helping her with a number of projects, I couldn’t help my deep interest in her products. I began to read about how pure and natural the ingredients are that she uses in her products and I learned that she hand mixes them! I began to realize that of course these age-old, natural ingredients could only be the most fabulous ingredients anyone would ever want their skin to come in contact with! In addition, Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable about not only the key roles that these often rare ingredients play but also about what’s really in the hundreds of skin care products available on the store shelves or even spa’s and the offices of Dermatologists.
Lisa Pirolo Ghofrani

I am on a mission to reduce the amount of toxins and chemicals in my diet and on my skin. I LOVE the Celtic Complexion products and love that they are made of natural and organic products. I especially love how wonderful my skin feels and I am constantly being told I am looking younger! A business customer actually said “You must tell me your skincare secrets, your skin is so beautiful!” The products are fabulous and Jennifer’s customer service is truly amazing! I give her products as gifts and I will NEVER use another skincare product on my skin!
Sharon Jackson Wagner

I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Devlin professionally in the spa industry as well as being one of her clients. Her products have done more for my problem skin than any other product I’ve tried out there (and I’ve been in the business for 25 years so you can image how much I’ve tried!) She is passionate, educated and a true entrepreneur in my opinion.
Kelly Seeley

Jennifer is not only a beautiful person on the outside, but beautiful on the inside as well. Her product is a reflection of this beauty and her Celtic Complexion creation is indicative of her dedication to a woman’s natural beauty. Celtic Complexion products are invaluable to anyone who believes in sustainable living and the practice of earth friendly, viable products. Jennifer is an “Artist” and was the lead make-up artist in the musical production “Heartbeat”. I watched as she delicately applied her make-up line to the lead performer. She was a natural beauty and Jennifer simply enhanced that beauty. Isn’t that what make-up is supposed to do? It doesn’t change a person, it naturally enhances!
Lori Bushey

I love Jennifer Devlin and her Celtic Complexion line! As a Holistic Health Practitioner and Educator I am passionate about clean pure products for my skin and no doubt her serum is responsible for so many nice complements I receive regarding my skin.
Paige Salmon Clarke

I have been in love with this amazing line of skincare ever since Jennifer Waller first conceived of it and sent me samples. I am consistently asked by the skincare professionals, both that I work with in the film industry and that I see for facial treatments, what I use on my skin.

I send them to Celtic Complexion every time. Thanks Jennifer!!

Ingrid Wilcox

Film Professional

Celtic Complexion is the one skin care product I could never do without!

I have lived with rosacea for three years and cancer for one year, and I have never received so many compliments about my skin as I do now. Ironic, I know. And I owe a great deal of this fact to Celtic Complexion.

I found this unique and precious skin care line two years after being diagnosed with rosacea (in my case, heavy flushing and a little pustules) following an allergic reaction to a popular quality skin care brand that I had used and trusted for years. I was left with a face that wouldn’t tolerate any type of store bought cleansing product or creme, let alone any makeup to cover up my red and burning face at work. After spending a fortune on medicine and products with no success, I finally had the good fortune to try Celtic Complexion, and it changed my life…

Today, I can somewhat control my rosacea with the help of Celtic Complexion. My skin is more calm, the pustules are gone, and while I still flush at all the usual times (work, stress or social settings), it is much less aggressive, and I can cover it up enough to make it look like a slight, healthy blush. I can even tolerate a gentle mineral powder now. I use the Tinted Moisturizer and the Organic Sunscreen SPF 32 every day, often mixed together, both morning and night. It took a few weeks for my skin to adapt to the oil based creme, but suddenly it seemed to find a natural balance and a glow that I didn’t even have before the whole ordeal.

I would recommend Celtic Complexion to anyone. For people who have sensitive skin, people who care about what they put on their face, people who wish to look good with a good conscience, or people who just want to keep their skin healthy.
A heartfelt thank you to Jennifer Devlin Celtic!
Sussi Pedersen

I tried Celtic Complexion’s Organic Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin after Jennifer generously offered 250 samples, and LOVE it. I usually hate applying sunscreen on my face, but this product went on smoothly and had my face feeling fresh all day (as opposed to oily and clogged). However, the best part was not having a breakout the next day – or any day throughout my recent vacation! Thanks, Jennifer!

Michelle P

Where do I begin, I have been using the same brand of body lotion for years, the company was sold a few years ago and the product was not quite the same. I continued with the line more out of habit just applying more often, I have found the Holy Grail of lotions!!

I just received the Decadently Rich set, one application and I am no longer in search of a new lotion. I am sensitive to rose fragrances and was happy to see the Slightly Innocent was a citrus blend, the scent is very light with just the right combination of citrus notes.

This product, as with all of Jennifer’s, a little goes a long way, it blends brilliantly into the skin. Now if it just came in the gallon size!

Anne Condon

Celtic Complexion has transformed my skin! I’ve been using the Creme Cleanser, Exfoliant, Calming Serum and Moisturizer for several years now. I no longer get any breakouts, even during that time of the month! My skin is soft and subtle, even when I’m out in the desert! And people have commented on how good I look,and people who meet me for the first time have commented that they thought I was ten years younger than I am!

Thank you so much, Jennifer for creating these amazing products! I look forward to whatever you have in store for us next!

Gina Doninger

Over the years, I’ve found most skin care products lacking. They promise so much more than they actually deliver. That is until I tried Celtic Complexion’s Love Your Skin Spa Kit. Simply put, there’s just so much to love about this product.

Let me begin with the packaging. It’s beyond beautiful. And then you open the box to find an assortment of luxurious smelling powder-filled vials, rich finishing cream & activator liquid, plush application brush and pottery mixing bowl. It was a sensory delight.
I couldn’t wait to begin mixing up my skin care potions. While on vacation, my daughter and I had so much fun trying all three different mask formulas. We found each to deliver potent results. My skin was noticeably softer, smoother and glowing. I loved the rose hydrating mask, while my daughter favoured the coconut milk exfoliating mask. We both loved the chocolate one, too.

Best of all was knowing that all the ingredients in Celtic Complexion’s Love Your Skin Spa Kit are natural. No chemicals. Nothing artificial. What a great addition to the Celtic Complexions line.

Barbara Comiskey

Not only do I adore her passion for her skin care line, but I was floored by the elegance and quality of her products. This is truly a line that is filled with love and the utmost care. I couldn’t recommend it more!
Christina Farrell

I can see why Celtic Complexion is popular for women with skin issues. The products are richly moisturizing and gentle, with a fresh, distinctive scent from their natural ingredients. You start with several drops of the Calming Serum, which is “Developed for those who cannot tolerate anything on their skin” and aims to reduce irritation. You can use it alone or follow it with a moisturizer such as the Complexion Cream, which is what I do. The Complexion Cream slides on my skin like silk and is easy to apply – it doesn’t drag or tug at the skin. These rich, moisturizing products leave my skin smelling and feeling great! The lip balm is refreshing, although my lips have been so extremely chapped that I find it wears off quite quickly.”
Beeb Ashcroft


I am deeply in love with the elegance of these products. Light and gentle scent, Organic, Non GMO-Ingredients, Paraben-Free, Synthetic Fragrance-Free, Toxic Chemical-Free and Cruelty-Free.

A Mom's Rantings Blog

All of Jennifer’s products are crafted with care by hand, in small batches. Her products do not contain any chemical preservatives, since many of the essential oils and other ingredients have natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, and small batches are necessary to ensure freshness and high quality. I noticed a difference in the texture of my skin very soon after I started using these products. I am so excited for her sunscreen this summer.
Rachel Pontillo

This is the only brand I carry in my kit now for prepping skin before makeup application. My clients love the scent, the texture and the fact that it is safe enough to eat. I have clients request me back over and over again because they love what I use on their skin. In addition, some of my clients have even referred me new clients because they loved the fact that I care what products I am using. In Hollywood where “image” is everything and high profile clients can’t afford to have a bad skin day, I have to say they all appreciate that I have taken the time to find Celtic Complexion. This is the best skin care around and I have to give you a BIG THANK YOU for introducing me to you line.
Angela Peralta

Celebrity Makeup Artist

Jennifer takes her business personally. She cares deeply about the products that she, herself, has created. You can tell she takes it personally when she sends you hand written notes. Love getting notes from you, Jennifer. They always make my day. I have your Valentines postcard on my desk because of the empowering words on it. You have no idea (or maybe you do 😉 how much a note like that means! Everyone should try your products not only because they are good but because you have poured your heart and soul and a lot of love in to them!
Stephanie Enlow Ewals

Love the product, Jennifer is one beautiful person, inside and out. Always striving to make things better for her friends, family and customers. They are number one to her. Really proud of you Jen!
Mary Hart

Jennifer Devlin makes an amazingly pure product that I know has dramatically improved my skin over the past year. I was in an accident in December of 2010 that severely damaged the right side of my face. After the scabs peeled off, my skin was left compromised, scarred and extremely inflamed. For six months I only used the nectar from an aloe plant because my brand new skin was very sensitive. Then I met Jennifer, she introduced me to her product, and I’ve been hooked ever since! Presently, you wouldn’t believe how destroyed my face once was,(9 stitches around my right eye), and it’s because Jennifer’s product has not only hindered my inflammation problems (Calming Serum) but nourished my skin through and through (Celtic Complexion Cream). I can proudly say that I’m a customer of Celtic Complexion and that it has changed my life in such a positive way. I was so embarrassed of how I looked, it was a very traumatic event, but now I feel confident because Jennifer’s product makes me glow! THANK YOU!
Jasmine Richnow

Jennifer Devlin’s Celtic Complexion is a fantastic product line, and proudly made in America! Jen is passionate about her product and business and provides top notch education and customer service. I have been using her skin care since she created the brand. I’m a huge fan. I love what it has done for my skin and I feel great about supporting such a fabulous individual and her efforts.
Jen Salmon Welch

Here’s the thing…the products do what they say they will do. As a woman with a Celtic heritage, I used to have redness in my skin–not exactly roseacea, but definitely ruddy. After using the Calming Serum I see the true color of my skin–something that hasn’t happened for a long time. For that I am a life-long customer of Celtic Complexion’s product. Jennifer has such passion and commitment to her products.
Yvonne Charneskey

I AM SOOOO IMPRESSED! I had the opportunity to review Celtic Complexion products for Your World: Healthy and Natural nearly a year ago, and I am still using them daily. Jennifer’s commitment to excellence in both her products, as well as how she manages her company is admirable. Her products are of the highest quality (and YES, they really work) and her customer care is far above expectations. She truly is a role model for excellence, pride, and fantastic business principles.
Cathy Feldpausch Schafer

I’ve never met Jennifer Devlin. I don’t live in Florida and I only happened upon her website after a friend of a friend posted about it. Here’s what I have to say about the Celtic Complexion products: I have spent a great deal of time and money looking for a skincare line that works. High-end. Drug-store brands. Stuff I’ve purchased overseas… I can honestly say that I can count the number of products I’ve bothered to repurchase on one hand. So when I tell you that I’ve been using Celtic Complexion products for close to a year now, which should carry some weight. I’ve never looked back. In addition to her fantastic products, Ms Devlin has completely won me over with her business practices. I find her to be honest, informative and completely available with any questions or concerns I’ve had, not to mention devoted to the quality of her line. My skin has never looked or felt better and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. Good luck to you, Jennifer Devlin and keep up the good work!
Michelle Roadifer

I am so happy to have found this skincare range. As a man, sometimes it can be intimidating shopping at the department stores for the next best thing in skincare. Please avoid these often overpriced and full of empty promises skin care lines and try Celtic complexion, It’s very easy, all you have to do is start off with one of the small kits which enables you to try the entire range before spending lots of money. I am sure once you try these sample products you will make another order just like I have. Not only is the skincare range fantastic and it works.

The founder and CEO of the company is very hands on and delivers excellent customer service to her customers. Jennifer is always on hand to answer any questions you may have, make recommendations based on your area of concern. I have searched for a long time to find the hallowed skin care that actually works, I have spent thousands of $$ in doing so, I feel like at last I have found the one I was searching for. Please try Celtic Complexion, you will not be disappointed.
Stefano Kelly

I am going on my second year with Celtic Complexion, and I will continue with the products for a long time. I am 50 years old and this may be the longest time I have ever used one product line for this length of time.

I have very sensitive skin and either my skin would react to the product immediately or after a few months I would have a reaction to the product.

I have had no such issues with the Celtic Complexion products. They are WONDERFUL. And the BOGO sale in November is the best thing yet. To be able to get double the product for the price of one is an amazing savings.

Thank you so much!

Paula Cook

Greenville, SC

I have always had sensitive skin and was recently diagnosed with Rosacea. I went to two dermatologists. They only gave me medications that irritated my skin more. I was feeling really depressed and desperate for the stinging to stop.

I did some research and found Celtic Complexion. I emailed Jennifer about my concerns, and she responded that day. She made me feel more at ease. She really cares about her customers and the products she makes. The serum has calmed the stinging and burning, and the cream cleanser does not irritate my skin! My skin still has a ways to go before getting back to normal.

However, I feel more at ease knowing there is such a great product like Celtic Complexion.

Thank you Jennifer!! ^_^


As a 22 year old, I am constantly trying new products to see what works best for my skin. I have had sensitive skin growing up, with dry patches and acne flare-ups.

Once I started using the Celtic Complexion Creme, my skin was finally under control! Out of all of my friends, I am also the one providing makeup, skin care, and beauty suggestions. I have turned my friends onto the product, and after they tried it, they couldn’t get enough.

Living in Chicago, the weather can be so crazy so it’s amazing to have a product to rely on to keep me looking fresh and fabulous. I love Celtic Complexion and there’s nothing better than getting people on the bandwagon!


I have always had dry skin and no matter what product I have tried I have never found a moisturizer that actually works. When I did find something that had enough in it, my skin would feel like it had a mask on it. Also these products would “pill” on my skin so I always looked like I was peeling.

I started to use Celtic Complexion a few years ago and have never turned back. My favorite product is the hydrating serum. It soaks in my skin is never oily from it and I do not have anymore dry patches!!!!

Jill Greber

I’m a busy working mom of three, and I always felt like if I was able to get out the door in the mornings with 1-well-rested, fed, bathed, children in clean clothes, with lunches and backpacks ready to go, and 2- for myself, relatively wrinkle-free clothes, hair not-too-scary, and my makeup on, that it was a successful start to the day. I didn’t LIKE the patches of rough, reddish skin on my face and the dryness in other places, but what could I do? I’d tried lots of different products, none of them helped. I was resigned to the fact that it was just how my skin was going to look.

Then, one day when I was researching family history, tartan information, and Highland drumming lessons for my son, I saw an ad for Celtic Complexion. After more research–I’m a librarian, y’all, it’s what I do–reading up on the products and the people behind it, I decided to order the Love Your Skin Travel Kit, to try a bit of everything.

What can I say but WOW! What a difference! The redness and dryness was gone after just 2 days of use, my skin looks and feels amazing, I am totally sold on these products. Thank you SO much! Can’t wait to try some of the cosmetics!

Caralyn McDaniel

The very first time I used her Calming Serum, I applied the deliciously fragrant oil to my face and waited for the inevitable burning to ensue, but to my absolute amazement and relief- it never did. This serum left my face calm, and absolutely radiant. I also noticed that after a few days of use, my complexion started to clear up. Any blemishes were healed, and my skin was left dewy and radiant. After continued use, I also noticed that my skin wasn’t oily upon waking in the mornings, and that has NEVER happened to my skin- not ever.
Gayle Carbajal

Just tried skincare line Celtic Complexion and I am instantly in love, the cream and serums are to die for!!” Your World: Healthy and Natural Blog “I have used the Celtic Complexion Cream over the past 3 days. I honestly can say, I have never felt such velvety skin. There is no water in these products. That means that there is nothing to evaporate. Once you put the cream on, it stays on; it doesn’t fade away.
Christina Farre

Celebrity Makeup Artist

The Youth Infusion High Potency Serum contains all the miracle plant oils that I love, including frankincense, rose, sandalwood and carrot seed. I’m also really impressed with her Organic Sunscreen SPF, which can be used as a tinted moisturizer. It doesn’t contain nanoparticles and uses just zinc oxide, which is safer and more effective than titanium dioxide.

All in all, I’m really impressed with this line, which uses ingredients that are beautifully nourishing, safe and effective.
Sophie Uliano

This has to be my favorite product from the Celtic Complexion line. It smells wonderful-like creamy vanilla, one of my favorite smells! It goes on so smooth and is very moisturizing. My skin has never felt so soft as it does after I apply this cream. It is so soft it almost feels like velvet! I have been using it twice a day for 3 weeks and I still have at least half a jar left, so that 2 oz jar will last a really long time, I would say at least 4 months! That’s pretty economical in my opinion. I just have to say I absolutely adore this cream! Since using these products I have noticed a welcome change in my skin. It is clearer and brighter. My face is so smooth, I don’t have to exfoliate as much. I think I exfoliate about half as many times as I used to before Celtic Complexion. And the best part? My pores are a lot less noticeable than they used to be and my skin tone is more even!
Melissa Whitman

My skin has never been so blemish free since I started using Celtic Complexion. Every time I try to use another product, my skin breaks out, and I’m quick to apply the sensitive skin serum from Jennifer’s collection. It “ALWAYS” works! My skin is perfect as long as I apply once a day! And this is coming from a person who used Accutane and continues to have breakouts.
Kelly Rodgers Obszynski

I have had problem skin my entire life and Jennifer Devlin always gave me the BEST advice for skin care. When she took her passion and her purpose and created a skin care line…I was beyond THRILLED! She lives and breathes her dedication to providing not only the BEST products out there – she also provides the caring and the customer service to those that she serves!

To me – THIS is the BEST made in America product and story! LIVE YOUR PURPOSE and share your PASSION!
Brandee Sweesy

I met Jennifer while serving as the Marketing Director for a Medical Spa that offered non-surgical enhancement procedures and skin-care products. During our start-up, I discovered that Jennifer knew more about skin care products and make-up lines than the sales representatives’ themselves. As our consultant, Jennifer provided straight talk about product ingredients that could exacerbate skin-conditions, as well as product efficacy, (or lack there-of), which directly affected our product selection.

Once Jennifer started making her own products, I became a loyal customer. Not only are her products filled with organic ingredients proven to be effective, none of them contain the dyes, fillers, preservatives or other harmful ingredients found in mass-produced product lines. Since using Jen’s serums and Celtic Complexion Cream, I have seen a reduction in skin-congestion, inflammation, and dryness. Thanks to Jen’s products, my “mature” skin is now softer, smoother, and more even-toned than prior to use.

I would definitely recommend Jennifer’s products and customer service over any over-the-counter lines on the market today.

Andrea Pinsonneault

I was at my wits end about my skin when I came across Jennifer’s site. I wrote her an email that night and thought that I might hear back in a few weeks or maybe not at all, but the very next day I had an email back that I still read now when I am feeling panicked about my skin. First, I got a sample of the calming serum and the changes started. I anxiously waited for my full size bottle and can’t imagine my routine without it. Having fair sensitive skin is quite difficult when you are always worried about redness or something stinging and hurting your skin. I have never worried with Jennifer’s products and anytime I have needed her advice she has been right there to help me. I adore her products, tell all my friends and my family about them. She is a true genius and her care and commitment to her customers is wonderful. Thank you Jennifer!
Lucy Kinsella

I found Jennifer on the internet when I still lived in San Diego. Fortunately for me, Jennifer is located in the same town that I moved to in Florida. It has been an exceptional stroke of luck that I connected with her. I was originally drawn to her products because of the name, Celtic Complexion…thinking that her products catered to us gingers. That is true, but there is so much more! Jennifer has educated me on the importance of product ingredients, reading labels and general skin care. My skin has never looked better (I get stopped all the time by perfect strangers asking what products I use!) and Jennifer is my “go to” person if I ever have any skin care questions. Simply…her products are the BEST!
Holly Young

I have followed Jennifer for a while now and have found not only her products outstanding, but her commitment to women’s health and people’s overall well being thoughtful and caring. Her “brand” is but a part of what she offers her customers. She leaves me with the feeling of someone who truly is committed to her clients through education and amazing products that my mature skin loves.
Rosamond Fahey

I am just a happy consumer using Celtic Complexion’s moisturizing cream. My rosacea flared up predictably and I was told nothing could really help. But, since I’ve been using Celtic Complexion’s cream, I FORGOT I have rosacea, all signs of it have disappeared. I don’t know Jennifer, but her commitment to quality, customer service and effective, natural skincare is evident is evident in everything she does – from her informative newsletter, her speedy reply to questions and queries, and of course, the amazing results of her products on the skin.
Lesley Ferguson