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What elevates a moisturizer to cult status?

Is it exceptional ingredients? Yes.

Is it the way it makes your skin feel, even hours after you apply it? Yes, that too.

But what makes our moisturizers so special is that we avoid using a dirty little industry secret…water.

Don’t get us wrong, we love water but just not in our moisturizers.  Most commercial moisturizers contain a lot of water, up to 80%.

When you apply a product with water on your skin, it temporarily plumps the skin up but as soon (and as quickly) as that water evaporates, your skin feels dry again.


Our award winning moisturizers are concentrated and stay on your skin, continuously delivering hydration and nutrients.

All of our facial moisturizers are safe for sensitive skin (including rosacea), gluten-free, vegan and non-gmo. They are made without synthetic fragrance, or dyes.

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Customer Reviews

The Celtic Jewel experience was nothing short of awe and jubilance. Right from the start, you know you’ve received something special. Every detail was thought out and caused an explosion of the senses.

Jewel is to Jennifer what Piano Sonata No 23 in F Minor, “Apassionata” was to Beethoven.

This isn’t your common department store product, so don’t be shocked by the sticker price. You save for it, or request it as a most cherished gift, but by all means Try It!

Melissa Tart

The Celtic Complexion Creme has significantly improved the softness and smoothness of my skin. With my skin being so allergic and sensitive to almost everything, I’d just about become resigned to living with an inflamed and irritated complexion. Thank you so much for creating and marketing this wonderful product.

I wish dermatologists and estheticians would recommend your products.
Your products are natural and gentle. I wish everyone with sensitive, allergic and/or rosacea prone skin could try them.

Clara Cammack

I initially had no idea the difference this cream could make on my mature skin. It is expensive but when I factor in what treatments would amount to to get the same effect… that puts it in another perspective.

Not all of us, certainly, but a lot of us must save up for this cream. ?

My original thoughts were I could not justify spending this amount on a face cream…until I used it. Of course, now I am saving up for it!

It absolutely makes enough of a difference to justify it. I know now I will not be disappointed.

Jean Flinchum