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Turn the mundane task of washing your face into a spa experience

Celtic Complexion Coconut Creme Cleanser

Let’s be honest, it’s rare to get excited about washing your face. After all, it’s not on the skin very long and most view it as a mundane task like brushing your teeth.

So it may surprise you that our Gentle Creme Cleanser is our number one top seller in the entire line. We call it a spa-in-a-bottle.

Our hand-crafted cleansing bars were formulated for people that hate cleansing bars! That’s no easy feat, but one we’re very proud of.

Our exfoliant is rosacea-friendly and imparts a velvet-like finish to the skin.


Treating sensitive skin starts the moment you begin cleansing it. Harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances and foaming agents are the norm in most mass marketed cleansers, which is why your skin feels tight after using them. You’ll find none of those in our products.

Instead, your skin will feel like soft, hydrated and nourished and you’ll actually look forward to removing your makeup!

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Customer Reviews

I only tried this Pure Olive soap because I received it as a gift. I was going to try it once and then give it to my teenager. It felt like I was using a moisturizer in a bar form. The last time I used soap was when I was in high school in the 80’s and once I stopped using it, I never wanted to use it again. This was a completely different feeling. You’ve made a convert out of me!

Melanie McGill