a woman with beautiful red hair in a nature setting

When was the last time you truly loved your crown of glory?

Unlike your skin, hair can’t be hidden with makeup to conceal its flaws. We teach you how to care for your hair so it grows strong, hydrated, and healthy.

What nature gave you at 20, we can restore at 40 (and beyond).

We call it spinning straw into gold.

We believe if you treat your hair the same way you treat your skin, you’ll get the same remarkable results.

That’s why you won’t find cheap fillers or additives in our products. The are created in small batches and are abundant in plant oils, organic herbs and flower essences.

The difference between our ingredients and mass marketed ingredients is like the difference between junk food and a home cooked meal from mom.

Your hair can tell the difference.

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Customer Reviews

I seriously can’t stop touching my hair, it’s so soft even in this dry place (Arizona). It hasn’t been this soft and controllable since I left the south! On the third day, I still didn’t do anything and hair still looks amazing and soft and silky!

Sandy Edmondson

I can’t tell you how much I love the hair gel! I’ve been using it every day and my hair is healthier, not dry or flat.

Congratulations on an amazing product, it’s not just for curls, it’s for the fine pin straight hair too.

Laura Luther

Love the hair line! I can already tell a difference in my hair. It is fuller and has more body than what it usually has, and thanks to your great products – it isn’t sticky or stiff. My hair is straight as a board and very fine, and for me to have more body is like a “miracle”!

Debbie de Baca