This article appeared in the September issue of Carolina Style Magazine. I have reprinted it here, but the original article appears here.

By: Nancy Boyce

A few months ago, I wrote an article regarding harmful chemicals and additives found in mainstream beauty products, and my quest to clean out my entire arsenal. Also around this time, I participated in (and won–eee!) the North Carolina Rose of Tralee. At the selection night and days after, I had the opportunity to meet the beauty and brains behind Celtic Complexion, an artisan, hand blended organic skincare company.

Steve and Jennifer Waller, Founders of Celtic Complexion

Jennifer Waller (née Devlin) is a former Retail Beauty Director turned Artisan Skin Care Maker/Master Esthetician. In her early teens, she became enthralled with the beauty department at her local mall, and eventually became one of the youngest and most successful Beauty Advisors. Her high sales and impressive performance led to a steady stream of free swag and job promotions, and she accumulated an impressive and luxurious cache of products, always seeking the cure for her persistent rosacea.

Later in Jennifer’s career, she met a holistic esthetician who pointed out that a number of ingredients in her products were not only making her age faster, but exacerbating her rosacea. Although stunned, Jennifer took her advice and went on a “beauty detox” and only used plant-based beauty products. Within a couple of short months, her skin looked the best it had ever looked. Shortly thereafter, Jennifer started making her own products, and eventually her hobby grew into what is now Celtic Complexion.

Each product is made with love, integrity, and intention that it delivers all the results Celtic Complexion promises. It’s not just my name on the label, it’s my reputation in the jar,” says Jennifer.

Fast-forward to 2013, when fate stepped in and Jennifer followed her heart to North Carolina to pick up where she left off with her high school sweetheart, Steve Waller. According to Jennifer, she always had a romantic notion about North Carolina.

“The great climate, clean air, and slower pace really gave me time to relax and tune-in to nature, which inspires my creative process,” Jennifer said.

Furthermore, Steve was the owner of a successful start-up and quite the technology and marketing guru, so the pair made a dynamic duo.

All of Celtic Complexion’s products are made with the highest quality organic ingredients, and they are never watered- down like other products I’ve tried. Jennifer does not believe in beauty fads or gimmicks, and chooses to stick with the tried and true extracts and oils that have been used for thousands of years. Furthermore, there is guaranteed to be something for every skin type, and she is more than happy to recommend what is best for your skin condition.

The first thing I asked Jennifer when I met her was, “If I use your products, will my skin look like yours?” Her skin is absolutely beautiful, and glows naturally without any makeup. With her help, I have found the best products for my acne-prone skin. I absolutely love the Coconut Creme face wash paired with the Calming Serum, for it cleanses my skin, keeps it moisturized, and treats and prevents breakouts. I was initially very apprehensive to put any oil on my skin since my skin was so oily, but it’s true: oil controls oil.

Celtic Complexion Collection

I have officially ditched liquid foundation in favor of her tinted moisturizer, which has SPF 31, so it protects the skin from harsh UV rays. Finally, every evening I use the Youth Infusion 7 High Potency Serum to help keep my skin looking young and fresh. [Side note: Mother Nature, you are so rude. I was told during my pizza-faced teen years that everything would be grand in my 20s. Now, I have to worry about pimples AND wrinkles?! What is that, your bonus? I digress…]

Jennifer Waller is a prime example of how passion, teamwork, and savvy grassroots marketing pays off. Jennifer’s drive and ability to stick to her guns is truly inspirational, especially since she made many bold moves to make her dreams become a reality.

Nancy Boyce

Nancy is an alumna of NC State and currently resides in Raleigh, NC. Music and the arts have been an integral part of her life since childhood, and she is looking forward to sharing her experiences via Carolina STYLE magazine!