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Ah, the Curse of the Celts! Those flushed red cheeks (and sometimes nose and chin) that announce your ancestry to the world before you even speak a word.

Whether or not It’s a curse to you, know that rosacea cannot be cured, it’s as much a part of you as your gift of gab. However, it can be managed rather nicely.

This kit is is the fun-life-rosacea-causing anecdote (see Calming Serum for a list of things that aggravate rosacea) It quells the redness without passing judgement on your lifestyle.

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Contains enough product for 7-10 days of use (less if you leave the bottles open and your cat knocks it over)

Calm and soothe inflamed skin associated with rosacea, acne and sunburn.

  • 2 oz of Coconut Creme Cleanser
  • 1 dram of Calming Serum
  • .25 oz. of Celtic Complexion Lotion

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Tinted Mosturizer Color

Light, Medium


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