Rapunzel’s Revenge Super Potent Scalp Serum – 1oz


If Rapunzel was in that tower during menopause, her poor prince would have never been able to use her hair as a ladder.  It’s a fact: one day you hair is your crowning glory, and the next it’s falling out quicker than your boobs are heading south.



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I'll be honest, I never intended to be in the hair game, but when I started noticing major hair loss last year, I turned into Sherlock Holmes trying to figure out what would help it. I figured I would read a few articles, change my shampoo or conditioner and that would be the end of it.


8 months and over 600 hours of rabbit-hole researching later, I came up for air, applied my new found knowledge and my hair started to grow again. It was not only growing, but it was thicker too (and no more clumps of hair in the shower after washing!). People took notice, so I decided to share my secrets and introduce this product into the collection.

It was A LOT of information that I had to decipher and distill, and my bathroom and kitchen became ground zero for experimentation. The biggest take away I got was that commercial products contain a lot of water, synthetic chemicals and fragrance. Maybe that doesn't matter when you're twenty, but at twenty your body isn't dealing with the same issues as it is over forty: lack of nutrition, stress, medications, twenty years of using heat and chemical processes.

I had to venture outside of my comfort zone and learn about hair from cultures where their hair game is strong, and long hair is revered; China, India and Africa. The women in these cultures have passed down secrets for generations (centuries even) about specific ingredients that are known to have hair growth properties. What I found was many, if not all of the evidence was anecdotal (not scientific), but my results from western scientific studied formulas didn't impress me, so I had nothing to lose by trying ancient old-world recipes.

I identified 29 ingredients that were mentioned over and over again, and those are the ones we put into our scalp serum.

The batches are made by infusing oils with herbs and spices and allowing it them to marinate for two months. Our oil is not diluted further, resulting in a concentrated, super potent formula. This is important to know when comparing other products with the same ingredients. You can dilute this yourself by mixing it with a lighter carrier oil such as grape seed, almond, or argan oil.

Results. Ok, raise your hand if you've ever had a gym membership that you paid for but did not go. I wish I could tell you this was a magic cure for hair loss and that your hair would grow two inches over night (as many vloggers and advertisers claim). Sadly, that's not the case. Just like you won't ever lose ten pounds in a week, or get abs in seven minutes.

In fact, I didn't see visible results for about one month. It was like watching paint dry. But I treated it like my job to be compliant with applying it daily, and I did other things along with applying the serum that all contributed to my hair growth. All of these tips I put into an e-book that's included free with this purchase. I started seeing visible differences in my hair at the two month mark and by then I fell into a comfortable daily hair routine.

Your results will vary depending on how compliant you are with ALL of the recommendations. Serum + specific supplements + scalp massage + affirmations + daily habit modification = healthy scalp. Healthy scalp = healthy hair.

For this reason, we've referred to this as a scalp serum not a hair growth serum (plus the FDA won't allow us to call it that because it would have to be labeled as a drug, which it isn't) and we don't guarantee results (How is that for truth in advertising?!).

Getting your hair healthy again is a long game, but I promise you it's worth it!

One more thing you need to know before you hit that add to cart button. This is a natural product, made with Ayurvedic herbs and oils. The scent of this product is earthy.

WARNING: PLEASE CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN PRIOR TO USE if you are pregnant, lactating or have certain allergies to herbs or spices. Conduct a patch test on the skin for 24 hours prior to use. Oils can stain clothing and sheets, we recommend placing an old towel on your pillow at night to prevent staining. This is not a hair styling product and should only be used on the scalp.

Directions: Apply a few drops to fingertips and massage vigorously into scalp at night.

Please Note: Due to the complex blending process, this serum will be produced quarterly.  Once the current batch is sold out, your name will be put on a list for first dibs on the next batch.


Ingredients: Jamaican black castor oil, sesame oil, olive oil, fenugreek, bhringraj, amla, brahmi, aritha, shikakai, neem, moringa, ashwaganda, mustard seed, capsium frutescens, biotin, red chili, tulsi, nigella sativa,curry leaves, rose powder, zinc, sulfur, chebe, fo-ti root, niacin, vitamin e, rosemary, lavender, peppermint


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