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The Real Measure of Success

I've told you before that I have spent the last couple of years actively divesting my time, attention, energy, and money from things that no longer serve the preservation of my life, health and sanity.   This world spends a lot to try and distract you, and a lot...

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Health is Wealth

Robert Ringer said "The quickest way to change one thing in your life is to change everything", and boy did I change everything in my life since my last newsletter. Before I tell you what changed, let me first thank every single person who wrote to me after my last...

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How a Celtic Woman Ages

How a Celtic Woman Ages All women age, but some faster than others, and if you’re reading this post, and you a Celtic woman, I have bad news for you (but GREAT news at the end, so keep reading!). A Celtic woman is often identifiable by her skin. It’s the sole reason...

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Confessions of a Retail Beauty Advisor

“In the factory, we make lipstick. In the store, we sell hope” – Charles Revson, Founder of Revlon Cosmetics 1983 was a very big year for me. It’s the year I entered high school (9th grade) and I wanted something monumental to mark the occasion. My mother took me to...

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Celtic Woman Skin Problems

Rosacea; The Biggest Skin Problem of the Celtic Woman The iconic Celtic woman is blessed with  smooth, fair, beautiful skin that is enviable, but  your skin could have skin challenges of its own. As a typical Celtic woman with the usual delicate skin, there is a huge...

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