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Not Your Mother’s Anti Aging Advice…

What kind of images appear in your mind when you think of the word "aging"? How about "getting older"? Do you fear getting older, or look forward to it? Being in the beauty business, I can't help but to be inundated with questions about aging; How to turn back the...

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Do You REALLY Know Who You are Supporting?

Recently, a post came through my Facebook news feed. It's about Tom's of Maine (toothpaste company) settling a class action lawsuit for $4.5 million dollars. It appears they have been advertising "natural" ingredients, when in fact they use highly processed...

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Make Peace With Your Current Self

I have been in the beauty industry since 1985, and remarkably it has never made me feel beautiful (Surprise!). In fact, it has, for the most part made me feel "too_______" (fill in the blank). I can remember (at 17 years old - the year I started my first cosmetic job)...

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