This post is very different than what you are used to from me. It will be a lot to digest, but before you make up your mind about it, I only ask that you watch everything (with the links provided in blue) before throwing the baby out with the bathwater. 

I do realize that this message will either endear me to you even more, or I will lose you as a customer forever because you may feel I am overstepping my bounds.

I am prepared for both and if you decide the latter, I completely understand.

With that said… here I am, laying bare to my loyal audience, most of whom I have never met, feeling absolutely vulnerable sharing this info.  

I will be back to my regular content next month, but this must be said now.

You may wonder if I have I gone off my rocker to speak so publicly. Believe me, as I write this I am wondering the same, but something happened yesterday that made me do a 180.

I was visiting a med spa for a laser consult with a nurse who looked to be in her mid 60’s. While I was waiting in the lobby, I was watching the news about the hurricane about to hit my old neighborhood in Florida.

When I arrived in the room, she was there, along with two other nurses watching the breaking news about a shooting at UNC Chapel Hill. She said so many of her patients have kids that attend that school and that they would be devastated.

I agreed and remarked that it seems like it’s all bad news these days. She turned to me and spoke to me with such frankness that it took me by surprise.

She said the world has been brainwashed by the media and if people didn’t wake up, we would end up repeating history. She said her grandparents were Jewish and narrowly escaped from Poland with their lives and everything that is happening now, happened then.

Good people said nothing – they were just following orders. All of the media was controlled and they had neighbors snitching on neighbors. The propaganda machine tricked the population into hating each other.

Yes, the similarities are startling. I see it in my own circles.

I told her she was brave for saying something to me, after all she doesn’t know me or what I believe and she said “the time for silence is over”.

I walked out of that office knowing I too could no longer remain silent. I imagined my biggest regret at the end of my life would be knowing something and not saying something.

Privately, I have cried many times about the fate of our country. I have held my tongue believing that when people are ready to wake up, they will go searching and awaken when they are ready to hear the truth.

I have suppressed my own beliefs so as not to upset anyone else or challenge friends I love (even if our beliefs differ), but that ends today…

I don’t watch much TV these days (save for the few series that I binge watch), but when I was a kid, I LOVED The Twilight Zone.

“Logic is the enemy and truth is a menace.” Rod Serling

Even back then, I knew the stories were allegories but at twelve years old, we don’t pay much attention to things or connect the dots.

I was well into my 50’s when I realized that life imitates art. Oscar Wilde wrote that quote in The Decay of Lying (1891) and is about how art affects the way we look at the world around us. 

One of the most prolific art forms of the 20th century has been television. Nobody can argue the influence it has over us, and the more we watch, the more it influences our opinions (about society, people, politics and current events).

With that said, do you ever wonder if your opinions are your own, or have they been influenced by what you see in the media?

We’re living in strange times and it’s becoming more and more difficult to separate fact from fiction because whether you know it or not, mainstream media is controlled by only a handful of companies (6 to be exact).

When the world began to change in 2020, I had already been an avid researcher. After becoming very disillusioned by my own industry “Big Cosmetics”, I did a ten year deep dive before launching Celtic Complexion in 2011.

I was shocked that I was so brainwashed by the companies I worked for. I felt betrayed because I didn’t want to believe that these companies didn’t have my best interest at heart and would knowingly put things in products that would harm me. Like it or not, that is the power of marketing and celebrity endorsements.

By the time 2020 rolled around, I was very well versed on the benefits of natural and holistic remedies. My knowledge came from very old books, naturopathic doctors, homeopathic doctors and people who lived and breathed this lifestyle.

Most of these people didn’t have a marketing budget, a lot of followers or an agenda beyond helping people.

I came from a world where everything was packaged to perfection (the product, the message, the model, etc.). In the beginning it was challenging for me to accept what they were saying because I was distracted by them not looking or sounding the part. 

After all, when I was working for the biggest names in the beauty industry, we were given scripts to repeat to every customer. It was all well and good until someone asked questions that weren’t covered in the scripts. In that case, we just debunked any narrative or testimonial that went against our official stance.

After that experience in my career (that spanned almost two decades), I learned to question everything and take nothing at face value.

The problem with doing your own research is that, if all media is pretty much controlled by the very few, how are we able to discern fact from fiction?

When the media (and I’m going to include social media and search engines in here too) immediately start labeling anyone who asks any questions at all (about anything) a conspiracy theorist, it makes it even harder to press forward because of the ridicule and societal pressure.

It also makes it challenging to have what would have been considered a normal conversation a few short years ago, almost impossible today even with friends or family.

Do you find that strange that it’s almost impossible to speak the truth these days without having to either sensor yourself, issue a trigger warning or disclaimer?

I do.

I’ve never been one to jump on a soap box telling anyone how to live or what to believe (and I’m not going to start now), but I will take off my corporate hat and put on my humanity hat now and say as one human to another, we need to start speaking up and not being afraid to voice our opinions, to call out BS when we see it, because if we don’t, I feel this world will change in ways we could never have imagined – all because we didn’t stand up for fear of being labeled or condemned.

Wake up. Question everything. Realize the media and government is not working in your best interest. Do not comply and remember that just because something is repeated over and over again does not make it true. 

There are many, MANY things that aren’t making sense these days, do you feel that way too?

It feels like we are in The Truman Show or Wag the Dog

or worse, 1984.

If you have Netflix, check out the series called Black Mirror, which is a modern day Twilight Zone. Each episode tells a different story. I binge watched all six seasons and while they were all good, four episodes really stood out for me; Fifteen Million Merits, Nosedive, and Hated in the Nation , Men Against Fire (especially this one). See if you can recognize how life is indeed imitating art.

We have been dumbed down to the point that few people read beyond a headline, a meme or the first page of Google. 

This is an example of what students were taught in 1906 in high school. Compare that do what is being taught today and it’s no wonder why young people don’t understand what is at stake here.

This is another example by Thomas Sowell. If you haven’t heard of him, I suggest you watch his channel, especially the ones on slavery. Very eye opening.

Are you familiar with Yuri Bezmenov? He was a former KGB agent who defected to the U.S. in 1970 and tried top warn us about communism coming to America back in the early 80’s.

This video explains what’s happening now and I consider it a must-watch for everyone. 

It is truly bone chilling how accurate he was.

his topic has been brought up with the group of women I go to Myrtle Beach with every year – we started off as colleagues and are now confidants.

We talked about how all of this is giving us PTSD, anxiety, and bit of depression. We brainstormed how we could change things, because after sharing with others, they only thing you can do is control your reaction to it.

1. Remove every single source of negativity: TV, newspaper, negative friends and family. Imagine yourself in a protective glass, impenetrable bubble which makes you invisible to outside forces trying to bring you down.

2. Make a music playlist of your favorite songs and get moving in any fun way you want; dancing, hula hooping, roller skating. Exercise burns off any negative energy that is attached to you and releases endorphins. It doesn’t have to be structured classes, it can be dancing for your pets, plants or spouse. Also, sing aloud to your favorite songs – this also releases energy out of the body. Make yourself a laughter playlist on Youtube. I have one with 65 videos on it, and I spend time each day watching at least one video. Laughter also releases endorphins.

3. Journal out your fear to get whatever is bothering you out of your body. If you don’t have time to write, maybe you could say it in front of a mirror “I’m afraid/worried about ________________. I now fully and freely release it!”

4. Get outside in nature. Walking barefoot is one of the single best ways to heal yourself and to get grounded. The negative ions from the earth neutralize stress. 

5. Pray. I know we never really talk about this as a group, but praying daily has been my saving grace (no pun intended). I have little prayers laminated all over the house, in drawers, stuck on the mirror, on my desk, on my phone etc. This is one of my favorite books on praying:

6. Give. I started doing art projects to calm myself and it does calm me, but now I give it all away so it lets others know I am thinking of them (which makes them feel better too). I joined a pen pal group and exchange mail art with strangers around the world and it always cheers me up to receive a beautiful card in the mail. While my mind is engaged in a hobby, I can’t think about my problems.

7. Declutter/Clean: There’s a reason you feel so good after cleaning. Your home is an extension of your aura. Get rid of old belongings that aren’t aligned with who you are anymore. Old things carry old energy. Broken things carry stuck Energy. Release it and it will raise your vibration.

8. Get motivated. The one thing that eluded me was to stop numbing out the stress with food.

I’ve always been able to control it for periods of time, but a life of complete health and fitness always seemed to elude me.

That is until I found Andy Frisella.

He is the creator of the #75Hard challenge. It’s not a diet or fitness challenge, but a mental challenge. This is the most motivational talk I’ve ever listened to and I started immediately. It’s only Day 2 (of a 75 day program) but something clicked after hearing him speak.

I want to be the healthiest version of myself that I can be.

I would encourage you to listen to his podcast, it will give you the swift kick you need.