I had a lovely conversation this evening with a good friend of mine that touched me so much, I wanted to share it with you.

Yvonne and her husband visited me a few weeks ago (they are the husband and wife production team of Von Henry Media that produced our videos). As a gift, I prepared a special batch of my newest creme (making it’s debut later this year) for her to take home with her.

Yvonne is a very beautiful sixty-something woman who is very well traveled, and who has tried a lot of skin care products during her life. I was honored that she felt compelled to contact me within three days to tell me “Jennifer, you really have something here.” It was a humbling feeling to know this came from her heart.

This evening, we chatted about the videos when the subject of her skin came up. “When are you making more? My skin craves it!” I had only prepared enough product for about a two week supply. I asked her to tell me about her experience so far (as I do everyone who uses my products, but especially friends, because I can ask them for more details).

“Jennifer, this creme is a masterpiece. As I get older, and will soon retire, I may not be able to afford to do all the things I want to my skin, but in the name of self love, I will find a way to buy this creme because it’s done something for my skin that nothing previously every has. I can feel the energy and love that is put into it.”

She went on to explain that all her life she has been a giver and now is the time she will give to herself. I think as women, we can all relate to that, putting others needs before our own.

Personally, I nurture myself with handmade soaps and for that twenty minutes in the shower, I feel loved. I also nurture myself with Boll & Branch sheets, a little splurge that delights me every time my skin touches the soft sheets. I love real books, and proper stationery and writing with my fountain pen. I adore fresh flowers on my desk too. All of those rituals slow me down and send a little signal to my brain¬† “I’m worth it!”

What about you, have you mastered the art of self care?