Wouldn’t it be great to do something for two minutes and get a massive return on your time?

Dry brushing is the answer. All it costs is about ten dollars (for the brush) and two minutes of your time. Dry brushing isn’t new, it’s been around for centuries, but it has fallen out of favor for the latest-greatest fads, but it’s benefits can’t be ignored.

Your skin is the body’s largest organ, and in addition to protecting your organs, it is a major organ of detoxification. Dry skin brushing can eliminate 25% of the toxins in your body each day (that’s one pound of toxins!).

Here are the wonderful benefits of dry skin brushing:

  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage
  • Exfoliates the skin by sloughing off dead skin, which enable your body moisturizer to work better
  • Helps facilitate detoxification
  • Increases circulation
  • Rejuvenates the nervous system
  • Eliminates clogged pores

Not bad for something that costs so little and requires minimal effort! Here are some tips for using the dry brush:

  • Brush towards the heart
  • Brush while the skin is dry
  • Brush before showering
  • Brush towards the heart

You can pick up a dry brush at any Whole Foods, Target or on Amazon.com. You can care for your brush by washing it and letting it air dry once a week. I love the feeling of applying pure coconut oil on my skin after I dry brush and shower, there is NO comparison. Note: if you have very dry skin, or sun damaged skin, allow a couple of weeks before the “ahhhh” feeling to occur, but it will happen if you are consistent.