Celtic Framboise


A luxurious full fat serum for dry skin.

French organic raspberry oil,  Marula oil, French plum seed oil, Avocado oil, Squalane oil

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If your skin was in the desert, this is what the SOS note in the sand would read:

This hydrating serum is loaded with high quality, cold pressed virgin plant oils that are loaded with essential fatty acids.  Your skin loves to marinate in them!

Fat adds the juiciness to your skin! This serum is skin juice. Think plump, ripe, and mattress-like bounce and you get the idea.

Is it for oily skin? No. Is it for combination skin? No.

It’s for a truly dry, parched, thirsty skin. Hey, your entire face may not need it (oh to be so lucky!)  but do you know what is really thirsty? Your neck, that’s what. Drench, absorb, repeat. You can also spot treat very dry areas of your face with this serum (instead of applying it all over). A little goes a long way!

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