Sweet Orange Lip Balm


A soothing balm for dry, cracked lips. .35 oz

Ingredients: Shea butter, olive oil, avocado oil, beeswax, castor oil, sweet orange essential oil

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Say goodbye to hard waxy petroleum lip balms. Say hello to an ultra creamy, luxury lip balm.

Prince would agree: You don’t have to be rich to be my girl, you don’t have to be cool to rule my world, but you Do need soft lips for a Kiss.

It’s reported that a woman can consume up to 7 lbs. of lipstick during her lifetime, and if you are a chapstick addict you could be eating much more than average. The problem is that you don’t know what your actually eating.

Our lip balm is so pure, you can put it on a Ritz! Not that you’d want to use it in lieu of an appetizer, but you could and it wouldn’t do you any harm. Fair warning, it’s been known to be stolen by people close to you (your spouse, children, best friend) so either hide it or buy more and spread the love.


This lip balm is so wonderful! I first tried it out while spending a week hiking in coastal Canada this winter and it kept my lips soft and moisturized. It has a wonderful Lemon Verbena smell to it too. I actually sometimes found myself reapplying just to be able to smell it. Just heavenly! 🙂

– Shelley

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