Eye Elixir

Eye Elixir

Every time I create a new product (which isn’t often), I wonder if I will fall in love with it as much as my existing products. Is it possible to love some products more than others, or are they loved equally?

Well, the short answer is, I love my products equally, but all for different reasons.  I love some products for the results they bring my customers. It’s a humbling experience to have helped a stranger, sometimes a world away, with a skin problem they have suffered with for a lifetime (Calming Serum). I love some products for the media attention they bring (Youth Infusion High Potency Serum), and some products I love because they are a top seller (Coconut Creme Cleanser).

I am a ferocious reader, and one of my favorite things to read about are ingredients. I relish learning about the vast history of a particular ingredient and the results they deliver. I have a notebook that I jot down notes in to do further research when something really grabs my intention.

I love rich, luxurious textures. Maybe it’s my age (47), or maybe because I love the way my skin looks without makeup when it seems to be glowing from within.  Whatever the reason, I seek out these “miracles of nature” and then begin the process of creating a recipe to best highlight their strengths.

New products and formulas usually come to me when I am meditating. The “idea” will stay in my mind and if I can’t stop thinking about it…that’s when I know I have to create it, even if it’s just something that stays in my private collection.

However, a lot of my products start off as requests from friends, “Please help me with ________________!” If I get repeated requests, or hear similar complaints, I tuck the requests away in my mind, and when I discover specific ingredients that will help those conditions, I proceed with a prototype of a product.

Once I am happy with a prototype, I give out samples and I sit back and wait. If a product is ok (meaning: good, but nothing to get excited about), it doesn’t make the cut. “Good enough” or “nice” products never make it to the Celtic Complexion line.

However, if I get a phone call within one or two days asking “What is in this?!” or “Is this available now?”, I know I have a hit on my hands and it goes into production.

Eye Elixir 2.0 is one such product.

As I mentioned in my newsletter last summer, I wanted to revise Eye Elixir. As much as I have used and loved that product for the last three years, I knew I could improve the formula, but rather than change the original formula, I decided to start from scratch.

The delicate skin around the eye area is one of the fastest areas to show age, so I wanted to combine very regenerative oils to address that area. Oils that are rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids. I chose argan oil, squalene oil, avocado oil, rosehip seed oil, sea buckthorn berry oil just to name a few. Some of the world’s most expensive beauty oils contain a few of these oils, but this product contains them all.

Because of the richness of this product, all you need is one drop (two at most). This oil will stay on the skin, and you will feel it even hours after application.

It is available now, and I hope you’ll love my new “child” as much as I do! To read more about Eye Elixir, visit our visit our website