One of the things I love about artisans (myself included) is that we make things with love, intention, and passion, which is something you cannot get from a mass marketed product. I call it the “x” factor that differentiates us from the pack.

I have found it to be true with most artisan made products. The maker genuinely cares about the end user, it’s more than a sale, it’s intention. From the initial conception, to the careful sourcing of raw materials, to the labor of love that spins it in to something that brings joy to  a daily ritual, there is a deep connection between artisan and customer.

When I worked behind the cosmetic counter at the department store, yes, I loved what I did, but I was also having fun with my friends, trying on the newest lipstick and complaining that my feet hurt (try standing all day in heels on a concrete surface!). My point is, the end user was not getting 100% of my intentions.

Anything that is made with love and intention will automatically feel and perform vastly different than something made by a machine. Think of the quilt your grandmother may have made while waiting for your grandfather to return from the war. Each stitch is embedded with her love, and when your grandfather did return, he cherished simply because she made it. Sure, a quilt purchased at the store would keep him warm, but it wouldn’t feel quite the same way.

I’m a firm believer that our products represent the vibrations they are surrounded in. That’s why we surround our home studio and kitchen with beauty (even though our customers never see them).. fresh flowers, an uncluttered environment, soothing music, crystals, even Steve (Mr. Celtic Complexion) and I have to be “in the mood” before we make products. We never create products when we are not getting along (which *can* happen when you work with your spouse, lol).

Once the products are bottled they sit on their shelves and are surrounded by Mookite Jasper crystals (see my earlier blog post about crystals and the Fountain of Youth to see why I use them). Once a customer makes a purchase, we say a little affirmation before we send it on it’s way, that it will perform for you at its highest and best ability.

I believe this is why we have attracted the very best customers any business could ever ask for, because they feel the love and send it right back to us!