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I am excited to introduce you to Jennifer Waller from the brand Celtic Complexion.  I will be writing up my review of these products in the near future but my first impression is…WOW. The products are pure and smell really good. I’m impressed!

I wanted to introduce you to Jennifer because she has such a cool back story. Here’s a woman who worked for some pretty major cosmetics companies, quickly rising through the ranks to become super successful then she started her own business creating non-toxic, green, clean, gorgeous skincare. Do you how tough it is to launch your own business, especially a natural skin care line?

Let’s get to know the woman behind Celtic Complexion!

What does ‘green beauty’ mean to you? 

Green beauty to me is a philosophy of living an authentic life; accepting yourself  and then nourishing yourself with products, foods and habits that support that philosophy.

What are some ingredients that you refuse to add to your products? And why?

The short answer is: if I wouldn’t eat it, I won’t put it in my skincare. Now, you won’t find me slathering on my moisturizer like hummus on my Ezekiel bread, but you get the point. There are so many different points-of-view out there on what is safe and what’s not depending on who you talk to. Over the last five years, I have read hundreds of books on holistic healing. I have also read books written by M.D.’s and chemists. With ingredients, I feel that less-is-more, the same thing that guides me when I am in the grocery store. I use 48 ingredients (total) to make the entire line.

I practice the precautionary principal when selecting ingredients to put in my products. I look for a long history in the safety of raw ingredients, not the latest fad. Essential oils (plant essences) were mankind’s first medicine. They were mentioned in the Bible over 1000 times. They have a vetted track record! Contrast that with current synthetic chemical ingredients, over 100,000 are used in our industry and only 10,000 have been tested for safety. That’s concerning because your skin absorbs up to 60% of what you put on it, and it goes directly into the bloodstream, not filtered through the liver like food.

Tell me your favorite ingredients to work with? 

  I love working with oils; for cleansing, for hydrating, for healing and for calming. I think the American market has been a bit brainwashed against oils.  Oils can  rebalance oily skin, and rejuvenate dry skin. If I had to pick one oil to use the rest of my life, it would be coconut oil. The Celtic Complexion line is based on the healing properties of coconut oil.
Where do you go for information on green, non toxic products and beauty? 

When I worked as a Beauty Director, I got my information from the vendors themselves, beauty magazines and (I hate to admit it) celebrity interviews, I was probably a lot like most women.

When I had my “awakening” (realizing what I was doing to my skin with these toxic ingredients), I was motivated to heal my own skin by the knowledge I acquired from a holistic esthetician. I was so intrigued by her advice (mainly because it was so different than my own training), and amazed at the results I experienced that I became curious to learn more. I quit reading beauty magazines and began to read books by others that shared her philosophy.  It’s self-education vs. institutional education.

These experts were not celebrities or doctors, they were nutritionists, naturopaths, aromatherapists, and healing experts in the fields of meditation, qi gong, Reiki, etc. Not surprisingly, they look sometimes decades younger than their biological age.  I have read at least one book every month for the last 5 years and have amassed quite an impressive library.  These authors became my teachers and their words and findings have become the foundation from which I built my own company.
What do you think sets you apart from every other natural brand/product on the market? 

I feel honored to be along side all the other amazing green beauty pioneers in the industry. I don’t think there can be one “end-all, be-all” skin care line. When you are comparing a half dozen skin care lines, all of whom are using great ingredients, you look for other things that impact your buying decision such as customer service, company philosophy, reviews and a “WOW” factor.
My philosophy is “it’s not just my name on the label, it’s my reputation in the jar”. I take my responsibility to my customers very seriously. They trust me with their skin, and their money, so I’d BETTER deliver! When I put together my “company policy”, I thought “how would I want to be treated?” and came up with my Golden Rule Company Policy, to treat you (the customer)  like I myself would want to be treated. I also make it a point to treat customers with respect, not insult their intelligence and never use their insecurities against them.

It comes full circle, because I have a family vibe with my customers. I reply personally to every email and give advice beyond what skincare product to use. I think they know I care about them.

What products do you hope to add to your line?

I started off as a makeup artist and that never left my heart, so I  will definitely incorporate color, but only to enhance the beauty of the skin (not a full-blown color line with 100 products). I am also going to create a home spa collection and my long term goal is to introduce whole food nutrition.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so what is beautiful to you? 

Self-confidence! A woman who truly loves herself is the most beautiful of all. She isn’t going to compare herself to a magazine cover, talk negatively about herself or chase youth. She’s happy enjoying the journey and radiates it to everyone she comes in contact with.

And what can we expect from you next?

I am writing a book which will be released this fall called The Holistic Beauty Bible, with all of my best tips/tricks/techniques on how to achieve glowing, radiant skin (it’s not just about using a great skin care product!).

Thank you so much to Jennifer for taking the time to answer these questions! Learn more about this inspiring woman here, check out Celtic Complexion here!