I want to publicly thank each one of you who have contributed to the Patty & Sergio Sale. I am overwhelmed and humbled by your generosity to help total strangers (you still have two days to take advantage of the sale to get 30% off your order by using the coupon code: patty).

I look around at my life and I am so grateful; for my hardships and struggles, for my gifts and talents, for my friends and enemies because I have learned so much from each of them.

I love the idea of paying-it-forward and random acts of kindness. The saying “it’s better to give than to receive” really hits home for me. It’s an indescribably feeling to give, it fills you up in ways you never knew you could be.

There was a time, not so long ago, that I was a struggling, starving artisan. I questioned where or how I was going to make it, and bring my dream of Celtic Complexion to life. I cried many, many tears while keeping a lot of balls in the air.

It was the kindness of friends and strangers that kept me going during those lean years. Often, when I thought about throwing in the towel, I would receive a kind email thanking me for making such a great product and it would be the little push I needed to keep going forward. From close friends, I would get the best pep talks encouraging me to keep going for it, and from a few long lost friends I hadn’t heard from in years, I even received Paypal deposits.

I never forgot those lessons (and gifts), and now I make it a point to give and share as much as possible.

Here is a story I came across that I loved, it’s about a father and daughter who did 39 random acts of kindness to celebrate his birthday:


Giving isn’t just about money. You can write an actual letter and send it, make someone a dinner, pull weeds (I use to do that one a lot for my mom).

Life these days is pretty challenging, and your random act of kindness can make a HUGE impact in someone’s life, go ahead, I dare you to make someone’s day today 🙂