Whew! What a long day. It was a late evening for us today as we attempted (and succeeded) to make 21 videos for our new website. I told you about it earlier in the week and I wanted to exhale and share with you our wonderful experience.

First, I have a new found appreciation for “talent” aka professional actors & actresses. They make it look so easy and they have so much stamina (and patience) to do take after take. I’m much more comfortable behind the scenes.

Second, I hate Spanx.

Third, it takes a village to make your dreams come true. This shoot would not have been possible without the incredible team behind Von Henry Media. This husband and wife team made my job so effortless. Yvonne Charneskey, the wife of Von Henry Media, is a wonderful director who not only brings out the best in the “talent”, but she understands and uses energy to calm the environment. She uses her intuition to make suggestions, and never once did I feel rushed or stressed.

The main difference between our existing videos and these, are the camera being used. They use the mack daddy of cameras, Blackmagic cinema cameras, so the quality is that of a real Hollywood production.

Steve (Mr. Celtic Complexion) got in on the action too, being assigned to Assistant Director. He is a complete techie and ran the teleprompter, did script edits and helped with lighting, which is so important during a video shoot. He did such a good job in fact, that he was offered a full time job if he ever decides to get out of the skincare business, lol.

I sincerely hope the videos convey the love and passion I have for Celtic Complexion. It was truly a wonderful experience, and I’m crossing my fingers that you discover something about the line that you didn’t know before.