One of the greatest things about being an entrepreneur is that you get to wear many different hats, and no day is ever the same… It keeps things very interesting to say the least.

In addition to being an artisan skincare maker, I am also a professional makeup artist, copywriter, art director, project manager, customer service guru, ambiance maker, and social media maven. On any given day, I have several balls in the air. And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This week we will be shooting twenty one new videos for our website, and in between Father’s Day festivities, we spent the weekend with our “art director” hat on, prepping the set for shooting.  Thank goodness for Pinterest and Instagram for ideas! I was able to pull something together rather quick.

The importance of a great team surrounding you can’t be overstated, so we are using the same production team that produced our last videos, Von Henry Media ( ), who are en route as we speak.

I’ll be taking and posting pictures on Instagram (@CelticComplexion) of some behind-the-scenes action, so be sure to follow us. If this goes as smoothly as I anticipate, I would like to do a weekly video answering your questions, so please post your burning beauty questions to our FB wall (@CelticComplexion).