Everyone has a unique, special talent. Mine is creating beauty and ambiance, so it’s no surprise that I now own a company in the industry that defines beauty. I am the queen of “curb appeal” and I love designing a space that makes me feel beautiful in it.

Beyond skincare and makeup, which can make you look and feel beautiful, there are things you can do to your space that will also contribute to feeling beautiful. My own theory of being able to contribute to an anti aging retreat is this: stress causes premature aging, by creating a space that uplifts you, it will reduce stress and therefor reduce aging.

Here are my top ten tips to creating an anti aging retreat.

1. Plants & flowers: Plants detoxify the air and produce oxygen and more oxygen means your skin looks AMAZING! They will remove toxins that lurk in your carpet, air conditioner and paint. some great indoor plants to try are: golden pathos, peace lily, ferns, palm tress and my favorite, orchids.

2. Lighting: I Hate fluorescent lighting, HATE! It will drain your energy and make you look sick. The first thing I do when I move into any space is to replace the lighting with beautiful fixtures, dimmers and warm light (incandescent or LED). Do you ever wonder how fancy restaurants do so well? Beyond great food, it’s the lighting. They usually have flattering light that complements all skin tones.   If you can’t replace the overhead lighting, then add beautiful table lamps (I love Home Goods for lamps).

3. Aromatherapy: The strongest sense you have is your sense of smell. The way your space smells will either inspire you and uplift your mood, or it will repel you and make you want to leave. I use an aromatherapy water diffuser (which you can pick up at Whole Foods or Amazon). I use some of my favorite aromatherapy blends and it smells like love in my house. I take my diffuser everywhere I go (especially hotel rooms) so I always feel at home. I also have soy candles but the diffuser is so much easier and I don’t have to worry about flames, and I can use it while I sleep. When I throw a dinner party, I light my favorite incense up the walk way to greet my guests as they arrive.

4.Music: I don’t know what I ever did without SONOS (a HiFi wireless speaker system) and Pandora (Music streaming service). I have playlists for every mood and I listen OFTEN. My SONOS speakers enable me to rock out without disturbing the entire family. When we are making products, we are tuned on to Horace Silver and Nightmare on Wax stations and it makes the day go by so lovely, we’ve even been known to stop and slow dance in the middle of production. I much prefer music to TV and it has a way of slowing us down so we can enjoy life’s little rituals.

5.Himalayan Salt Lamps: I have over a dozen throughout my home. These soft, pink lamps. The simple answer is they give off negative ions and these negative ion molecules give you a sense of well being. They also detoxify the air and reduce the electromagnetic frequencies in your home.

For more information about the benefits of salt lamps, watch this short video from Dr. Mercola:


Here is another great article about the importance of Salt Lamps:

The Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps

6. Crystals: Crystals operate by naturally focusing and magnifying the body’s innate energies, which dissipate and equalize mental, emotional and psychic stress. They further alleviate suppressed or unreleased pain, and help one to make desired shifts in every aspect of one’s being. The results are an elevated quality of life in all areas, including personal growth and optimum health.

I have placed mookaite jasper (Anti aging crystal) and rose quartz (love crystal)  all over my home and in my gardens to help increase the vibration of the home.

You can read more about the anti aging benefits of mookaite in my last post: http://www.celticcomplexion.com/blog/can-the-fountain-of-youth-be-found-in-crystals/

7. High thread count sheets: We spend over a third of our life in bed, so it makes sense to use the highest quality thread count sheets for an ultimate “beauty sleep” experience. You will always wake up on the right side of the bed when you sleep on soft sheets! My “splurge” sheet set comes from Boll & Branch. At $250 for a set, they aren’t cheap, but they will probably last a lifetime! https://www.bollandbranch.com/sheet-sets