If you’ve ever considered switching from a chemical based sunscreen to a physical (or mineral) sunscreen but were afraid that you would look like a hot white mess on the beach, this post is for you.

I remember being a child growing up in Miami, and my well meaning grandma slathering zinc oxide on me while I was in the hot sun of Haulover beach. It was sticky and never seemed to spread very well. Honestly, I Hated it!

Chances are, if you’ve ever tried a zinc oxide based sunscreen, you weren’t a fan either, and for good reason. Nobody taught you how to correctly apply it, don’t worry I’m here to save the day!

Unlike it’s “cosmetically elegant” chemical counterpart, a mineral or physical block needs a little help before you fall in love (and I guarantee you will fall in love with it when you see how great it is at preventing burns).

First, your skin must be exfoliated. You can use a loofah, dry brush or even a body scrub in the shower. When you come out of the shower, moisturize your skin. My favorite body moisturizer is coconut oil. A little bit goes a long way with coconut oil, so use it sparingly. These two steps are NOT optional 🙂

Now shake your sunscreen well, this will mix the ingredients that may have separated. Great, you’re almost there…

Now take about a nickel size amount of sunscreen and apply it to your body in long slow strokes. The more you blend it, the more it will disappear. Also, don’t wait to apply sunscreen when you are outdoors because you will have already started to get UVA & UVB damage (Especially if you are fair). Use more as needed (a nickel size will not cover your entire body).

Physical sunscreens work by reflecting sunlight (like a mirror). The higher percentage of zinc oxide, the more powerful reflector.

Now, enjoy your summer!