The Fair Skin Sunscreen Bible.

The Fair Skin Sunscreen Bible

Rejoice, fair skin beauty…your life is about to change! No longer will you suffer from burns because you used the wrong sunscreen. No longer will your sensitive or rosacea-prone skin be irritated from using the wrong kind of sunscreen. You’re about to discover the sunscreen mistakes that you are probably making right now that are not only causing you to burn, but are also contributing to getting wrinkles before your time.

Although this book is called the Fair Skin Sunscreen Bible, I could have also titled it: Anti-Aging Insurance, because that’s what sunscreen is. Fair skin ages faster than any other skin tone, so you must know what to do to protect it. Believe me, prevention is a lot easier (and far less expensive) than correcting sun damage that’s already been done.

Yes, I founded a skincare company that caters to fair skin. Yes, I am an Esthetician and yes, I spent my entire adult life in the beauty industry, giving me a bird’s eye view of sunscreen. Putting all of that aside, this information is from one fair skin woman to another, to help remove the mystery of this anti-aging secret weapon.

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