You can age like wine or you can age like milk, the choice is yours.


Halt the curse of the Celts!


Best advice to your future self:
Wear sunscreen!

FREE Guide Reveals Holistic Beauty Secrets for Women with Celtic Complexions.


In her exclusive special report, Holistic Solutions for Beauty, Celtic Complexion founder Jennifer Waller shares proven techniques that women with sensitive (“Celtic”) complexions can use to keep their skin cleaner, softer, better hydrated, and more supple, while eliminating dryness, itching, and redness (Rosacea).

You’ll Discover:

  • 12 dangerous chemicals in cosmetics that you should never let touch your skin. Page 7
  • Why you should never drink or shower in water straight from the tap. Do this instead. Page 10
  • The 3 most effective ways to keep rosacea symptoms at bay. Page 5
  • 5 nutritional supplements that can repair skin and reduce inflammation. Page 12
  • This gadget cleans pores 6 times better than washing your face with your hands alone. Page 13
  • Foods women with rosacea should never, ever eat. Page 11


I travel for a living and use Celtic Complexion Organic Skin Care. I feel that the serums save my skin from the harsh effects of multiple climates. As a professional makeup artist, I am especially careful about everything I put on my skin. I believe in these blends and trust their quality.”

Michelle Phillips

Celebrity Makeup Artist

I have been using Jennifer’s products for several years and I love the way they feel on my skin. I feel good knowing I am nourishing my skin with these products just the way I nourish my body with the right food.

Laura Reilly Angelides

Not only do I adore her passion for her skin care line, but I was floored by the elegance and quality of her products. This is truly a line that is filled with love and the utmost care. I couldn’t recommend it more!

Christina Farrell

I am deeply in love with the elegance of these products. Light and gentle scent, Organic, Non GMO-Ingredients, Paraben-Free, Synthetic Fragrance-Free, Toxic Chemical-Free and Cruelty-Free.

A Mom's Rantings Blog

Celtic Framboise

A luxurious full fat serum for dry skin.


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