Affiliate Program

Welcome to our Affiliate Program.  For some time you have asked us about earning free Celtic Complexion products, or some extra cash.  Well after a lot of work from Mr. Celtic Complexion here it is.  This is how it works.

You must have purchased and created an account within  Once logged in use this page to request your Affiliate link.

Once your Affiliate request is approved.  You will be given a URL (link) to our site with your code. This code can also be found by  clicking on My Account –> Affiliate Program..  Simply use this when referring friends to us.  When they use your link, and upon checking out (successful payment) you will be credited with xx % of their pre-taxed amount ( if applicable).

You can check your stats / url (link) at any time by clicking on My Account –> Affiliate Program.

We can either credit you with Celtic Complexion products (via gift Card redeamable only on or PayPal (you will recieve a 1099 by the end of January, we will need more info from you once you receive payment.) You must have at least $50.00 worth of commisions per month before we can credit you.  Not to worry though if your at $ 49.99 on the last day of the month, you only need $ .01 by then end of the next month.  

For those go getters that have more than $ xxx.xx per month we will raise your commission to xx %.

If you have any questions PLEASE feel free to shoot us a note via the Contact Us page.