Summer Skin Kit


Remember the old Bain de Soleil ad (from the 70’s) that sung about the ‘San Tropez taaaaan”?

Well, listen up pale princess, that ain’t never going to be you. You’ll be lucky enough to escape a beach party without 2nd degree burns. This kit is your life raft of sun protection and sun burn relief (because we know you).

Pack it during your next vacation and thank us later.

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Contains enough product for 7-10 days of use (less if you leave it behind in your hotel or on the beach)

  • 2 oz. of Gentle Creme Exfoliant
  • 1 dram of Calming Serum
  • .25 oz. of Tinted Moisturizer and Organic Sunscreen Lotion

Additional information

Tinted Mosturizer Color

Light, Medium


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