Celtic Garden Kit


This limited edition kit contains our Organic Facestick SPF 31, which was rated “Excellent” by the Environmental Working Group for ingredient safety and efficacy, our Critter Ritter bug deterrent lotion and a pair of floral garden gloves…the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys the pleasures of gardening without the nuisance of bugs or the damage of the sun.

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Critter Ritter Bug Deterrent Lotion:

Size: 2 oz

You escape to your garden to enjoy a bit of peace, but crawly critters can ruin a good thing. Not to mention leaving you red and irritated when they feast on your skin. This deterrent lotion does to bugs what teenager do to money and food… makes them disappear (and QUICK!)

Apply this sweet smelling lotion to your skin prior to any outdoor activity and say goodbye to anything that creeps, crawls, flies or otherwise ruins a good time outdoors. Made with skin-loving ingredients for even the most sensitive skin, safe to apply to kids.

While this formula can’t turn a brown thumb into a green thumb, it CAN give you relief from pesky garden annoyances by making bugs fly in the opposite direction when they smell you coming.

Just apply to exposed areas (back of neck, arms, hands and legs) prior to going outside and (non-toxic) peace will be your reward because there is nothing but high quality ingredients in this formula.

Ingredients: Shea butter, olive oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera, coconut oil, Non-GMO soybean oil, vitamin e, essential oils of lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, verbena and tuberose.


Organic Facestick SPF 31:

Size: 15 g

A convenient portable, chemical-free, non-nano broad spectrum sunscreen stick. Small enough to keep tucked in your purse and easy enough to use on-the-go.

An essential must-have for pale lasses. Think of it as anti-aging insurance for your skin!

25% zinc oxide, organic beeswax, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic vanilla extract


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