Alchemy Elixir

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An alchemy of botanicals and herbs create this emollient skin elixir. Brightens and adds luminosity to skin. For all skin types.

Directions: Apply 2-5 drops of this emollient elixir to face, neck and chest to soften, brighten and illuminate skin texture.

Ingredients: An infusion of organic sunflower oil, organic pumpkin seed oil, rose, oriental lilies, jasmine, cardamom seeds, orange peel, licorice, sandalwood, hibiscus, saffron and lavender.

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One of the most common complaints about skin is dark spots and uneven discoloration. These brown spots are very noticeable on fair skin and they are caused by accelerated cell damage from many decades of UV damage.  These dark patches, which are especially noticeable on fair skin, prevent light from bouncing off your skin. There are many ways to brighten skin, most of which use harsh chemicals or aggressive lasers.

The infusion of plant oils in Alchemy Elixir naturally and gently over time, brighten and the skin. This is a wonderful oil to use for facial massage, gua sha, and the fascia blaster.



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