Very soon, I will be making an announcement about my newest creation, Celtic Jewel. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever made before and I cannot wait to share it!

Let me give you a little background about how it came about.

One year during my career as a cosmetic trainer/makeup artist, I volunteered to work during the busy Christmas week in Aspen at a very exclusive cosmetic boutique called Cosbar. This boutique was located in the heart of the downtown and celebrity sightings during the week were common.

This boutique only carried the rarest cosmetics and most expensive skincare in the world. In between helping customers, I read labels and inserts and tested products on the back of my hand. I was like a sponge, absorbing (literally) everything I could.

At night, I would research these high performance ingredients and I made a list of my “dream ingredients”. Back then, Celtic Complexion wasn’t even on my radar, but I do remember the seed being planted because I vividly remember saying to myself “If I ever create a dream creme, this is what it would be like.” I even went so far as to sketch out the packaging.

I put the sketch and my ingredient list in a journal that has been long forgotten. Until earlier this year.

While sorting through some boxes in my garage, I came upon the journal that I wrote so long ago, and I happen to thumb through it and there was my dream creme ingredient list. I smiled and challenged myself to create a recipe from the ingredient list. I want to develop the first    eco-friendly, high performance creme.

In my free time, I created several batches of my dream creme, all with different concentrations of active ingredients and began testing them on myself and Mr. Celtic Complexion (aka Steve, my husband). My goal is to put as much active ingredients in a product that is allowable and tolerable to the skin.

It took thirteen batches before I felt I had it right. There is nothing like perfecting a product. You want to shout it from the rooftops, and that’s usually what I do by calling my closest friends and asking them to be “testers”.

I sent out four bottles of my perfected recipe and anxiously awaited their feedback.

“It’s like wearing an Instagram filter on your skin” , “My skin has never looked better”, “A small area on my skin that had been dry for years finally healed”, “I don’t care what this costs, I want it”.

I knew I had a winning recipe, and we made the decision to bring it to market. So for the next few months, we will be working on introducing it to the Celtic Complexion line.

Stay tuned.