The blog post I wrote last week entitled “5 Easy Steps for Creating a Raw Juice Retreat” was a popular one and it reminded me, “Hey, I need a retreat about now!” So I remembered a little place I found on a FB group, the Juicebox Camper. I called her up, and we had a nice chat. She’s located in Virginia Beach. I had no doubt she could help me, it was just a matter of fitting it in my schedule.

That night, I tossed and turned in bed, which is usually a sign that an idea is bubbling up to the surface and needs to be birthed.

Sure enough, the next day while having my morning tea, I looked outside my window to the beautiful yard and wished that I could host people here in my home who are looking for a nurturing journey to health. This way, my teachings could keep me on track too and I would get to meet a lot of friendly people who are seeking the same path as me. I kind of marinated on it for a few hours, and before my bed hit the pillow that night, I said “why not?!”

I want to create a three day journey that will teach all the principles of raw juicing, and introduce people to the wonderful alternative health practices that have enhanced my life. I have set up a yoga studio in my home that includes a whole body vibration machine, a bio-mat, and ionic detox foot bath. All of these treatments were featured in many of the raw food/juice retreats that I’ve attended, but there were all “extra” (they weren’t included in the fee), which is a shame because they are so important to the over all program.

My library consists of over 100 books on holistic healing, and I have developed a network of healing super stars here in beautiful Raleigh, including a colon hydrotherapist, a naturopathic physician, a massage therapist (who makes house calls) and a shamanic healer. These are my go-to team for keeping me healthy (and they can be yours too while you are here).

You would stay in a luxurious private room in our home, and I would arm you with enough information to bring back to your home and continue your healthy journey. This would be a one-on-one experience, so as to give you all the attention you need to “get it”. Three days because the first three days are the most challenging, and after three days, you don’t feel hungry anymore so it will be easy to continue at home.

Submerging yourself in a healthy lifestyle without distractions, while being gently guided and nurtured by someone who has done it before makes it easier to reset your goals (and without any sales pressure to buy anything!).

While you’re here, we’ll watch a healthy movie marathon, including all of the movies I consider “must-watches” to teach you even more about taking control of your own health. Weather permitting, we can walk around the beautiful parks surrounding our city, or bike along historic paths. I’ll even include a gift basket with a Celtic Complexion travel kit, so you can treat your skin to some love too.

Think of it as a girlfriend getaway, with me as your girlfriend!

If this is something that would interest you, please leave a comment or contact me directly ( to be put on the wait list.